4 Major Features Of Nettech Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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Nov 9, 2018
  1. Customers Information

Erp software has the best feature to make history of your customer and keep it secure. It is the best source to grow your business by making a good connection with your customer along with their satisfaction. Customer Information is also saved in your history through which you can provide the best offers and good deals. Update your customers with what you are going to do. Now provide opportutnities to avail the limited time offers to your valueable clientele.


  1. Customers Approvals

Now you can have the customer’s approvals as it has the features of having the management system of Electronic Customer Approval (ECA) with no paper useage. Have a paper free office along with all the data that is saved in ERP reliable system. Now save time and manage the customer approvals along with ERP.


  1. Efficient Working

Erp has the ability to provide you the information and data all across company. You can get all the information immediately from every shelf. Make your work more faster than before. Remove the repititive processes and generate reports also decrease the delays. Further you can add data manually. Without turning over thousands of pages from the files you can get an immediate access to your saved work with just multiple clicks in this cloud based system.


  1. Security In ERP

Erp is designed specially to make work easier than ever. Customer’s security is deeply focused in this software. Now you can have an immediate update for the  data breach. If any other user try to do any unacceptable changes than the admin has the authorities to block that user also limitate it to get the access to the information. While spotting unauthorized actions admin can also remove the members and can add new ones.


How To Take Benefits Of the Attracting Features Of ERP

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Oct 5, 2018

How to take benefits of ERP

ERP software is emerging and Nettech Erp clients are increasing to take software and use it.

Why clients are increasing?

As the software is very secure, easy to use and reliable therefore everyone is attracting by it like cafes, restaurants, shops, bakeries, stores etc.



Attracting Features of ERP


Touch System: Touch system is the easiest tool to handle in the ERP System as

you only have to do is one click. It has many options to add the product and cash it. You just have to manually add the product’s category,a number of the product’s along with prices etc and then submit it. After the process, you will get the receipt along with product name, prices, amount etc which is much reliable and instant. It saves your time and satisfies your client also you have the history of each and every client.

Cloud-Based Software:

It has safe and recorded features in Nettech ERP. No worries to lost your submitted data. You can get your saved information whenever and where ever you want.

At One Click:

Through multiple clicks, you can take cash on the counter and send the information to the owner within a couple of seconds with minor errors and complete satisfaction. Now we are providing the opportunity to get relief with paper and time wastage.

Whenever you need/ Wherever You Need:

Whenever you need to get access to real-time sales information you can reach with the help of  web containing device. You can take with our online web-based version of our back office software.

Nettech Erp Vision

We are customising the software to provide the best from our efforts and spread according to our client requirements. You can also get the demo through our staff and get further information.



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Oct 1, 2018

What Is ERP?

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. It states the systems and software packages used by organizations of all sizes to manage day-to-day business activities, such as accounting, procurement, project management, and manufacturing.

What is ERP System? (Enterprise Resource Planning)

ERP systems tie together and define a plethora of business processes and enable the flow of data between them. By collecting an organization’s shared transactional data from multiple sources, ERP systems eliminate data duplication and provide data integrity with a “single source of truth.”

Today, ERP systems are critical to managing small, medium and enterprise businesses across all industries.


ERP Fundamentals

ERP systems are designed around a common, defined data structure (schema) that usually has a common database. ERP systems provide access to enterprise data from multiple activities using common constructs and definitions and common user experiences.

A key ERP principle is the central collection of data for wide distribution. Instead of several standalone databases with an endless inventory of disconnected spreadsheets, ERP systems bring order to the chaos so that all users—from the CEO to accounts payable clerks—create, store, and use the same data derived through common processes.


The Business Value of Nettech ERP

It’s impossible to ignore the impact of ERP in today’s business world. Hence, Nettech provides cutting-edge ERP services to fulfil the needs of modern enterprises. As enterprise data and processes are corralled into ERP systems, businesses are able to align separate departments and improve workflow, resulting in significant bottom-line savings.

Nettech ERP provides following Benefits to the enterprises :

  • Improved business insight
  • From real-time information generated by reports
  • Lower operational costs
  • Through defined and more streamlined business processes
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • From users sharing data in contracts, requisitions, and purchase orders
  • Improved efficiency
  • Through a common user experience across many business functions and managed business processes
  • Consistent infrastructure
  • High user-adoption rates
  • From a common user experience and design
  • Reduced risk
  • Through improved data integrity and financial controls
  • Lower management and operational costs
  • Through uniform and integrated systems

Apart from the General benefits, Nettech provides specified and custom ERP depending on your business needs. Some of the custom systems are detailed below.

  1. Customers Management

Main Features Include:

  • Customer Information
  • Customer Approvals
  • Special Pricing
  • Material Safety
  • Datasheets
  • Any Other Pertinent Data


  1. Sales Management

Main Features Include:

  • Sales Orders
  • Receipts
  • Logistics
  • Invoice Inquiry


  1. Purchase Management


Main Features Include:


  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Payments Management
  • Loading Slips
  • Gain / Loss Calculations


  1. Purchase Management


Main Features Include:


  • Financial Management
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Trial Balance
  • General Ledger
  • Journal Entry


These and many such more features can not only enhance the work efficiency of your business but can add an extra benefit for you to work on your account, business and finance with renewed vigorous energy and transparency.


For more information please visit nettecherp.com