1. Customers Information

Erp software has the best feature to make history of your customer and keep it secure. It is the best source to grow your business by making a good connection with your customer along with their satisfaction. Customer Information is also saved in your history through which you can provide the best offers and good deals. Update your customers with what you are going to do. Now provide opportutnities to avail the limited time offers to your valueable clientele.


  1. Customers Approvals

Now you can have the customer’s approvals as it has the features of having the management system of Electronic Customer Approval (ECA) with no paper useage. Have a paper free office along with all the data that is saved in ERP reliable system. Now save time and manage the customer approvals along with ERP.


  1. Efficient Working

Erp has the ability to provide you the information and data all across company. You can get all the information immediately from every shelf. Make your work more faster than before. Remove the repititive processes and generate reports also decrease the delays. Further you can add data manually. Without turning over thousands of pages from the files you can get an immediate access to your saved work with just multiple clicks in this cloud based system.


  1. Security In ERP

Erp is designed specially to make work easier than ever. Customer’s security is deeply focused in this software. Now you can have an immediate update for the  data breach. If any other user try to do any unacceptable changes than the admin has the authorities to block that user also limitate it to get the access to the information. While spotting unauthorized actions admin can also remove the members and can add new ones.


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